From 6 May, old files in the Trash will be permanently deleted

Until now, if you moved a file to the Trash using cPanel's File Manager, it stayed there until you manually emptied the Trash. That's a lot of old files taking up a lot of server space. From May 6, we're going to start deleting files after they've been in the Trash for 30 days. There's more information in the blog: Clean-up time - Trash folder ... Read More »

18th Apr 2024
Gmail has tightened its spam filters.

If you send a lot of email (i.e. 5000 or more messages a day) and you are having trouble getting past spam filters and into inboxes, changes at Gmail might be the issue. Read about SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records on the blog.

25th Mar 2024
Holiday support hours, 22 December - 7 January

Over the 2023-24 summer break our Support Team hours will be reduced. 24/7 emergency support will remain available, as always. Full opening hours are detailed on the blog.

22nd Nov 2023
Phishing attacks - are you protected by 2FA?

Since late yesterday, a new phishing attack has targeted customers of MyHost and our sister company, SiteHost. The emails have SiteHost's name and logo on them, and they attempt to trick you into giving away passwords and credit card information. The steps that you can take to protect yourself include enabling two factor authentication. Read ... Read More »

17th Nov 2023
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